How does it work ?

Finance your project with Yes We Farm!

Yes We Farm is the 1st Swiss Crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture & food.


Yes We Farm,
what is it?

  • It is the first Swiss crowdfunding platform dedicated to projects related to agriculture and food.
  • It allows any farmer, winegrower, beekeeper, micro-brewer, craftsman, and entrepreneur in the agri-food sector to find funding for his project from the population.

How to proceed?

I want to launch my project,for that,
nothing could be easier:


Account creation

First create an account by filling in the various information. Once your account has been validated, the Yes We Farm team will contact you to best help you in preparing your project.


Create your project

You can then click on “create my project” and complete the different steps.



To start your project, you need the following:

  • An amount to reach
  • A presentation video of your project
  • Different counterparties for different amounts
  • A presentation text
  • Representative images of your project



You can save your project at any time and come back to it later. Once you think you are ready to go live, click on "validate". The Yes We Farm team will take note of your project and contact you regarding any improvements to be adapted.


Good communication

Once your project is online, the mistake would be to think that the hardest part is done. This is where communication comes in!

The more you work upstream on this point, the more the realization of your campaign will have a chance of succeeding. Make your network work and talk about it as much as possible around you. Do not hesitate to contact the various media and the local press and do not neglect the leverage effect of social networks. + super important first days!


Personalized support

We support you throughout these steps. This is also why our platform has one of the best success rates in Switzerland.

Tampon Projet Réussi

The steps to success

What does
“successful project” mean?

On our platform, a project collects funds once it has reached 80% of the set objective. Below 80%, the initiator does not collect the funds and the contributors are simply not debited.

Once your project is successful, the amount will be paid to you in the days following the end of the fundraising campaign. Note that a 12% commission is retained on each successful project.

The projects speak for themselves

Our success stories

Photo de Gaetan

La Ferme à Gagy

Pictogramme nom
Gaëtan Gyger
Pictogramme du lieu
Pictogramme cantonÉcusson de Neuchâtel

Thanks to crowdfunding, I was able to bring my project to life in the best possible way."

The project
Photo de Lara

Lara Graf

Pictogramme nom
Lara Graf
Pictogramme du lieu
Pictogramme cantonEcusson de Genève

Thanks to the Yes We Farm team and the contributors, I was able to carry out my project which was so close to my heart

The project
Photo d'Valerie

Un amour de Pleurote

Pictogramme nom
Valérie Oppliger
Pictogramme du lieu
Pictogramme cantonEcusson de Neuchatel

Simple and effective, the platform makes it easy to get known and collect donations.

The project

Our success

Why choose our platform?


One of the best success rates in Switzerland.


You benefit from interesting visibility thanks to our partners.


We advise you in all stages of the preparation of your project until it is put online, at no additional cost.


You publicize your activity even before its creation and take advantage of our network to develop future collaborations.


You benefit from publications on our social networks and in our newsletter. We share your project with a targeted audience interested in the food and agricultural world.


We do not stop there. Even after your successful crowdfunding, we stay in touch and promote your business!

Because the exchange and pleasure of local products is above all a passion for us.