Finance your project with Yes We Farm!

Yes We Farm, what is it?

  • This is the first crowdfunding platform in Switzerland dedicated to projects related to agriculture and food.
  • It allows any farmer, winemaker, beekeeper, micro-brewer, craftsman, etc ... to find funding for a specific project from the population.

How does it work (as a project initiator) ?

  • Go to and complete the steps to present your project. First define the amount sought and the duration of the fundraising campaign (25/50/75 days). Then add the link of a video you have created to present your project. Explain also your project with a small text.
  • Then propose different counterparties (for different amounts) that you will offer to your supporters in exchange for their contributions.
  • Once your project is online, it's about sharing it as much as you can with your network, including social media and e-mail. Also remember to contact local media to relay the information.
  • Once your project has reached 80% or more it is successful! The sum will be paid to you in the days following the end of the fundraising campaign. Note that a 12% commission is withheld for each successful project (3% due to payment fees and 9% platform operating costs).
  • The Yes We Farm team accompanies you in all these steps and advises you on your project before it goes online and until the end of the fundraising campaign to ensure a better rate of success of the projects.

How does it work (as a contributor to a project)?

  • Go to,
  • Select the project to which you want to contribute
  • Click on the consideration you wish to obtain,
  • Select the payment method (credit card or payment slip),
  • In case of success of the project you will be charged the amount you have chosen. In case of failure of the project it will not cost you anything.
  • Once the project is successful, you will receive your consideration from the project proponent within 15 days.
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