In addition to crowdfunding, we offer various services, in particular to put the odds on your side for your fundraising campaign, but not only!

Here are the services that our team can offer you:


The video is a crucial element in the success of your fundraising campaign, thanks to our experience in this field, we can offer you to come and make the video that will suit your project.

Community Management

Do you want to develop your presence on social networks and do it in a professional way? Our team can support you in this area, whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, we can offer you tailor-made solutions to develop your online presence and interact with your community.

Terroir box for companies

Thanks to our network, and our directory of producers, we can offer for your company or for your event, boxes of local products, from behind the bundles as they say! Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Flash sale

We offer you products from funded projects or via our partner neuchâtel wines and terroir

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Personalized Coaching

We offer free coaching for your project, to give it the best chance of success! We are also happy to take the time to meet you in our offices to discuss your project, free of charge!

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