Get your project off the ground with Yes We Farm

Basic services

One shot

Realization of your promotional video for your fundraising campaign!

A professional video will allow you to reach and convince more contributors. (Duration max 1min.30)

New brand

Logo or brand

+ 100 business cards

+ Email Signature

On Line

Logo or brand

+ Video

+ Mini site

+ Facebook or Instagram

Your Farm

Logo or brand

+ Mail + 100 business cards

+ 100 flyers / stickers action / product

+ Video or motion design

+ Mini Site

+ Facebook or Instagram

Premium services

A la carte

Visual identity



Business cards


Social networks

Marketing strategy

Everything is ready or almost for your crowdfunding project: the offer, the budget, the name, the products, ...

But one thing is essential for launching the campaign and for your business after this fundraising: to have and keep customers.

For that, you must be seen and recognized, or simply say that you exist. A simple and judicious communication will allow you to give this first help and it is essential.

That's why, Yes We Farm is more than just a crowdfunding platform and offers you different packages that will allow you to bring your project to life in the best possible way. We can offer you complete support in marketing and communication.

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