Yes We Farm

Yes We Farm is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to projects related to agriculture and food in Switzerland.

Crowdfunding allows you to launch your project in the best possible way without having to resort to any bank or financial loan with various interests. It consists of supporting the population in the development of an activity in exchange for physical consideration such as farm products or an experience during a brunch with family or friends, for example.

What are the benefits for project leaders ?

Our platform allows producers to have their project financed by any person or company in two clicks and according to the amount they wish to grant. At the same time, as a project leader, you benefit from a wide visibility with our users in order to make your products or services known even before their launch.

And as a contributor?

By supporting the project(s) of your choice, you feel involved in a good, human and local cause. You participate in the success of a project whose values are local consumption, the manufacture of food products in short circuits and the exchange of know-how to preserve an eco-responsible trade.

Your donation will be used to guarantee the extension of the Swiss Terroir and will promote innovative ideas for future generations. But that's not all ! Your support is not free. By participating in a project, you choose and receive a very interesting counterpart from the initiators of the campaign.

We help you

A crowdfunding campaign involves meticulous preparation and that is why our team offers you marketing support to put the odds on your side.

From the upstream work and preparation of your project, to putting it online and throughout your fundraising campaign, we help you guarantee optimal digital visibility and reach the right people. This is what makes us stand out from other platforms and our high success rate demonstrates this personalized support for each project, as it is.

ou want to launch a project related to the agricultural or food sector and you have questions or just want to know more about our platform?

Do not hesitate to

contact us

It is with pleasure that we will take the time to discuss your project together.

Our team

who we are?

Photo de Nicolas

Nicolas Oppliger

Founder of Yes We Farm & Project manager

As a farmer's son and grandson, I've always been lucky to have products from my parents' farm on my plate. It was when I left my parents' house that I realized how lucky I was.

I saw in crowdfunding a very interesting possibility not only to financially help the producers of our country but also to bring consumers and producers together around wonderful projects.

Photo de Elise

Elise Gyger

Video Maker

Elise is at your disposal to make the video for your crowdfunding project. She has already made several videos of projects successfully funded on our platform. She therefore has the experience necessary to make the video that is best suited to highlight your project.

Photo d'Elmar

Elmar Vatter

Swiss German Manager

As the son of organic food store owners, I have been exposed to food-related topics since childhood.
I would be happy to support you in your campaign and, if you wish, in the production of your crowdfunding video.

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