Yes We Farm ?

Yes We Farm is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to projects related to agriculture and food in Switzerland.

The platform allows producers to finance their project by the population and at the same time to publicize their products and services. On the other hand, the population feels involved in magnificent projects by allowing them to see the day and in exchange they receive very interesting counterparts from the initiators of the project.

A crowdfunding campaign involves meticulous preparation and that's why Yes We Farm offers you complete marketing support to put the odds on your side. We accompany you during the preparation of your project and throughout your fundraising campaign. This allows us to have a high project success rate.

Do not hesitate to contact us, it is with pleasure that we will take the time to discuss together your project.

Yes We Farm Team

Nicolas Oppliger - Founder of Yes We Farm & Project manager

As a farmer's son and grandson, I've always been lucky to have products from my parents' farm on my plate. It was when I left my parents' house that I realized how lucky I was.

I saw in crowdfunding a very interesting possibility not only to financially help the producers of our country but also to bring consumers and producers together around wonderful projects

Loïc Grossen - Marketing Manager

Passionate about sports and food-sensitive in general, I have the great pleasure of taking part in the development of the platform Yes We Farm. In 2019, it is essential, in my opinion, to eat well and to be able to count on local products.

It is therefore important to preserve local production in order to respect both the seasons and the environment of our planet. Entrepreneur in the soul, I bring you my energy through social networks and throughout your projects.

Daniel Bärtschi - Swiss German Manager

Having grown up on one of the first organic farms in Switzerland, I have been linked to agriculture since my birth. As I could not take over a farm, I studied agronomy and I held various positions, including that of general manager of Bio Suisse for 8 years.

At Yes We Farm, I have the privilege of overseeing the development of the German-speaking part of Switzerland. I am very excited to combine tradition and innovation, and I look forward to many exciting projects for the future of a strong agricultural sector.

Tim Sermier - Web development (Neednet)

Whether it is a simple showcase site, a Crowdfunding platform or an online store, Neednet will put its skills and creativity at your service to develop a modern and ergonomic solution. allowing you to show the world the essence of your business.

Elise Gyger - Video Maker

Elise is at your disposal to make the video for your crowdfunding project. She has already made several videos of projects successfully funded on our platform. She therefore has the experience necessary to make the video that is best suited to highlight your project.

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