Pension convalescence pour chevaux

By Emmanuelle Calame1633 Marsens

 Goal : 48'000 CHF
Currently : 1'370 CHF

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 Duration : 75 days
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For the pas 10 years, the "Domaine de Sorens" has been welcoming a small paradise for horses; the structure accomodates around fifteen sporting, leisure or retired horses as well as several ponies. We now wish to take the nex step and offer an exclusive offer in ou region and abroad, intended for the convalescence of horses following veterinary treatments. 


Our objective

We want to open a sector of convalescence, fitness and training for sport and leisure horses in the Fribourg region. Based in Sorens in Gruyère, we noticed that no structure in the area offered such services. 

The development of our structure to be able to accomodate convalescent horses is based on two main elements: 

The purchase of a water rehabilitation machine, the Aquatrainer. 

The construction of a roof on ou paddock in order to be able to put the horses back to work in good conditions and throughout the year. 


Our goal, once this new equipment is in place, is to be able to accommodate horses following surgery or an accident, after leaving veterinary clinic. 


The Aquatrainer, water rehabilitation

Aquatraining is used for the rehabilitation and training of sport horses. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated, among other things, for post-operative rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, overall horse maintenance, back problems and even tendonitis. 

The Aquatrainer has a great advantage over other forms of hydrotherapy: The horse can be fully controlled and always moves forward. The device also helps correct horses that do not walk straight. 


Structure development

We already have a basic equestrian structure, with boxes, box-terraces for convalescence, large parks and a sandbox. Our equestrian activity has therefore already been launched for around ten years, and we would now like to expand our offer and specialize iqn convalescence and care for horses. 

A roof over ou paddock is therefore essential for us to work in good conditions. In fact, in winter, the ground freezes or is covered with snow, and we cannot ensure the convalescence of the horses or a serious follow-up after their period of convalescence. 


You can help us ! 

This is why we are lauching our Crowdfunding campaign today: We need funds to embark on this new adventure and develop our structure!

The costs of the planned work as well as the purchase of the Aquatrainer machine break down as follows: 


Purchase of the Aquatrainer machine

60,000 CHF

Construction of a roof on the paddock

200,000 CHF


Our request for funds amouts to 48,000 CHF, the rest will be at our expense. 


The goal is therefore to benefit from additional financial resources to accelerate our project. We have carefully prepared various little attentions to our investors in order to thank them for their help, depending on the amount invested in our project ! 

500.00 CHF
martine grangier

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David Grandjean

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Chloe Loiseau

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Romain Calame

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Corinne Corinne

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marc moureaux

50.00 CHF

50.00 CHF
Mélanie Castella

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Millie Chételat
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Mélanie Besnard

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Alizé Schorno

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